Why Choose Precision Turbos?

John Findanis owner of Precision Turbochargers has more than 25 years experience in the turbocharger industry. John’s skills and wealth of experience in this industry make him one of Australia’s premier turbo specialists.

John rebuilds and modifies personalised turbos for any vehicle. John works with his clients to create an individual, bespoke turbo for any type of engine - car, diesel, truck, boat, tractor or motorcycle. John reckons he can build just about any turbocharger for anyone.

“What keeps me attracted to this line of work is working with engines, I love anything with an engine. Also, Turbochargers are about power and speed, pushing your engine to its limit. With the right turbocharger you can achieve power with economy. There is something really potent about working with power.”

John frequently works on rally cars and those in the drag racing circuit. “Everyday is different. One day I will be working on a service and the next a rally car, it all depends on the customer’s requirement, time and budget.”

For the past 15 years John’s workshop in Wetherill Park, in Sydney’s West has transformed engines not only for clients based locally but for clients from all around Australia. John will organise a free pick up from other workshops or from a residential address in the Sydney metropolitan area. But many of the machines John transforms have travelled from as far away as Perth,Tasmania and Queensland. In fact John says that he has clients from just about everywhere.

Call :: 02 9756 5757